Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Wall

The Peace Wall, Apartheid Wall-- er, "Separation Barrier" separating Israeli territory from Palestinian territory in the West Bank is subject to a lot of controversy.

To those supporting it in Israel (and elsewhere), it is a wall securing Israel's rightful survival and identity in a dangerous climate, stopping potential terrorists from bringing weapons in to Israel. Since its construction, terrorist attacks on Israel have been reduced substantially, saving Israeli lives.(Image on left is of a bus bombing in Israel).

To some of those living in Palestine, it is a symbol of loss, inconvenience to freedom of mobility, and religious disconnect, as well as oppression and racial discrimination. (Imagine on the left is of Palestinians lining up for hours at a checkpoint to go to work at a location in close proximity- click image for details).

The US being a steadfast ally to Israel, we need to have Israeli security in mind in helping to bring about peace talks and resolution to the conflict. But how can we balance this with the humanitarian/civil rights problems this increasing of Israeli security (via Wall) creates? Who should we value more?

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