Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's Not Fair You're Not Perfect (and it's not our fault they're messed up)

I was flipping channels a few weeks ago and ended up on E! News. The hosts were blabbing about plastic surgery and its pros and cons. I thought they took a rather interesting approach to covering the topic.

When speaking, their presumption about plastic surgery for the celebrity or layperson is that it is a great thing, but any bizarre or extreme example you've seen of it (i.e. Michael Jackson) is simply a celebrity just foolishly doing it wrong because they were out of their mind. Truly, mental instability resulting in odd, permanent body mutilation is kinda horrifying-- nevermind, they referred to it as if it were funny-- a result that couldn't have possibly had any origins in the type of plastic surgery they were talking about.

What made what they were saying more bizarre was that they said that everyone should get plastic surgery, because everyone has the right to look like a celebrity and it is dreadfully unfair that you were not born with a perfect celebrity bod (they said this almost verbatim). Plastic surgery is the solution to all your woes, and not only is a celebrity body the ideal, it also should be expected and normal to make yourself perfect, especially through surgical means. Apparently it's more unfair to not be born looking one way than to be told repeatedly you need to look one way in order to fit the standard.

I think it's really ironic that they would lay the blame for crazy botched surgical changes on individuals that were struggling with body image at the exact same time as sending out the message that having a celebrity's looks is what everyone should be either born with or striving for. I get the feeling that focus on having a perfect body image comes from avoiding insults and scrutiny of the media in the first place.

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